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******** Brennan vs Burbank High - Baseball

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******** Highlands vs Burbank

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******** Edison vs Harlandale

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Edison HS vs Burbank HS - Football

Lanier HS vs Brennan HS - Football

Harlandale HS vs Uvalde HS - Volleyball

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Harlandale High scores third win

by Robert Castillo


SAN ANTONIO - The Burbank Bulldogs football team tallied another loss in their overall record of 3-0 after losing to the Harlandale High School Indians on Friday night. Despite a three loss record,  Burbank players show much more determination to break their losing streak and win their first game of the season.

In the first quarter the Bulldogs did everything to keep the Indians out of the red zone with  neither team scoring in that quarter.

The second quarter was a totally different game. The Harlandale Indians gathered great momentum and were able to score 21 points while keeping the Bulldogs scoreless.

The story was quite different for the Bulldogs in the third quarter following intermission. They were able to contain the Harlandale's momentum while at the same time scoring two touchdowns. Harlandale was able to score 2 touchdowns as well in that same quarter.

Despite the growing weariness, by the last quarter both teams continued to clash on the field and the game ended with each one scoring another touchdown in the fourth quarter. The final score was Harlandale 42 to Burbank's 21.

Harlandale high school Indians are scheduled to play Medina Valley on September 27 at 7 PM. Burbank high will be playing South San High School at South San field on September 21 at 7:30 PM. Game photos are available for viewing on Flickr.


Edison vs Burbank

April 13, 2012

Edison High inch by Burbank Bulldogs, 5-4

by Robert Castillo

"We had to jump on them quick..they were well coached...and they were well prepared but my kids came  to play today. " so stated Edison High School baseball Coach Billy Montemayor at the end of Friday's game at the SAISD Complex between Edison and Burbank High.

The tension on the field was high all throught the game as each side waited for the other to blink and that happened in the eighth inning after Burbank hits an easy popup in the hands of first baseman, giving Edison the game at 5 to 4.

The first inning gave both teams runs with Edison setting the lead with 3 to Burbank's 2 runs. Again in the third inning, both teams scored a run each bring the score to 4 to 3 with Edison on top.

Burbank would not allow Edison to score again for the next four innings as the Bulldogs scored a single run in the bottom of the seventh, tying the score 4 to 4.

Then the Edison Golden Bears scored a run in the top of the eighth cinching the victory after Burbank failed to tie or surpass them.

The final score was 5-4, with Edison being the winner.

According to Maxprep, this will place the Burbank Bulldogs at a record of 14-8-1 while Edison remains with 12-8-1.

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January 10, 2012

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January 3, 2012

Edison High Golden Bears win against Burbank Bulldogs
Jan 3, 2011 
SAN ANTONIO - Burbank High Bulldogs went into tonight's Varsity basketball game against the Edison Golden Bears with a ranking of 4-0 in district play and tied for first place with Lanier High. 
The Bulldogs started slowly against a team they expected to play a good game and without injured Jason Ainsworth, one of Burbank's outstanding player.

Coached by Art Vela, the Edison Golden Bears ended the first quarter on top by 11 points as the Bulldogs continued to trail all thru the last minutes of the 
third quarter when they edged the Bears with a score of 37 to 30.

From that point on Edison once against took the lead with up to seven points difference between team scores. Burbank continued to trail and ended the game with a score of 53 to 47. The top scorer for Edson was David Casias with 12 points 
and Ryan Garcia totaled 16 points for Burbank. 
During an interview, Coach Jackson mentioned that he will be losing five seniors at the end of this season but feels he still keeps a good balance since he will still have five juniors, three of which are starters. "I think we will have a good chance and I thank God that we are in this position to have a chance."said Burbank Coach Jackson.
Burbank will play Kennedy High Rockets, coached by Gilbert Vasquez on January 6th. 

Burbank vs Jefferson Mustangs
December 20, 2011

Burbank vs Memorial, Burbank Gets Tougher
December 16, 2011

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Burbank vs Floresville, Burbank Wins
December 6, 2011

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Brennan Knights Overpower Burbank Bulldogs
November 28, 2011

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Burbank Boys Basketball Team on Fire

Burbanks 2011 Basketball season is now underway and as expected, they are on fire.

Coached by Hubert Brown Jackson, the team has played at least seven games of which they have won 6 and lost 1. 

On Tuesday, November 23 they met with the Holy Cross Knights coached by Ray Salas and for the first quarter both were neck to neck closing with a score of 11 to 11.
During the second quarter, Holy Cross was able to add 8 points while Burbank added 12. 
It was at that point that Burbank went into a rally and added 15 point while holding Holy Cross to only 5. 
The last quarter sealed the victory for Burbank making the current record according to Maxpreps at 6 wins and 1 loss. In the last quarter, Burbank scored 13 points to Holly Cross 7 points.

The final score was Burbank 54, Holly Cross 30. 

Close Game..Burbank vs Southside

Burbank WINS

SAN ANTONIO - Both Burbank and Memorial came to Friday's game with no wins for the season, a fact that packed the stands at the Sports Complex. Everyone knew that before the night was over that only one would remain winless.
Minutes into the second quarter, the Burbank Bulldogs were first to score as the Minutemen were plagued with fumbles right at the point of scoring. Each time, the Bulldogs capitalized on those opportunities by holding Memorial to only 6 points for the night. The final score was Burbank 39 and Memorial 6.
"They had some turnovers in the red zone and our defense were able to capitalized on that and offensively we did a good job of running and throwing the football and taking care of it." said Burbank's coach Joe Castillo. "We are looking forward to Southside, they are a good football team with a good offense and a very physical defense. So we are excited and looking forward to winning the next one."
The Memorial Minutemen will meet Brackenridge High School Eagles next Friday at Mata Stadium. Brackenridge is the number one team in the district and John Guidry knows its going to be a tough game.
"Tonight we made plenty of mistakes. We had three or four turnovers inside the red zone and you can't win a game that way." said coach Guidry. "We could have made at least four touchdowns had we not had those turnovers."
The Burbank Bulldogs will play the Southside Cardinals next Friday at the Sports Complex starting at 7pm.

Jefferson wins over Burbank

SAN ANTONIO - It was another tough loss for the Burbank Bulldogs football team, which was first to score but fell  to Jefferson Mustangs, 23-18, at Alamo Stadium on Saturday night.   

Most of the 2,223 in attendance remained in the stands until the very end. The game's momentum changed for the Bulldogs when late in the fourth quarter they came within striking distance with a score of 23 to 18. 
But effort was not enough despite Jefferson last minute penalties giving Burbank their seventh straight loss.
An avid supporter and father of one of Burbank's quarterback commented that he felt that Burbank's defense should do a little more and not allow so many points as they have this season. 
Jefferson came to this game fired up after a decisive 56-20 victory over Memorial whose record is also seven straight losses. Memorial lost last night to Southside with a score of 56-12. 
Jeffersons next game will be against Kennedy on October 28th. Kennedy has 5 wins and 2 losses. 
Burbank will meet Memorial on October 21st. Both teams have no wins. 

Burbank continues losing streak..fans keep hoping

SAN ANTONIO - Burbank Bulldogs seemed to have the spirit but that was not enough to stop the Lanier Voks from marching downfield and scoring a 7 to 35 game. The Bulldogs rallied in the last half by showing the determination to score, however fell short as most of the action took place between the forty yard lines. The Vok's standing now shows 5 wins and 1 loss.

Up to now Burbank has lost all games but continues to bring fans and supporters back to the field hoping to see them break the losing spell of 5 losses and no wins that takes them to their next game with Brian Clancy's Jefferson Mustangs at Alamo Stadium.

The Jefferson Mustangs will be coming off a strong showing following Fridays game against San Antonio Memorial with their high scoring game of 55-20. The Maxprep stats show the Jefferson Mustangs with an overall 3 losses and 2 wins. Memorial drops to 6 straight losses and no wins.

Burbank and Jefferson will start play at 7pm on October 15.

Burbank loses to Boerne

SAN ANTONIO - Burbank Bulldogs lost all three of their preseason games and now gets ready to meet Kennedy in their first district game on September 23rd at 7:00pm. The game will be played at the SAISD Sports Complex on Burbank's home field.

The Boerne Greyhounds came to last night's game confident yet guarded about playing the Burbank Bulldogs. Their concern came after last week's unexpected loss to the Vandegrift Hounds with a score of 35-9.

Burbank had problems in stopping the long runs on kickoffs giving Boerne a perfect field advantage. Despite Burbank's ability to move the ball down field, they failed to score on each drive.

Neither team suffered serious injuries and the game ended at 42-0 in favor of the Boerne Greyhounds. The Greyhounds will be playing Comfort next Friday, September 23 at 7:30pm in Comfort.

Burbank stops Harlandale in last quarter

SAN ANTONIO - Harlandale High Indians got back on their winning track by defeating Burbank High Bulldogs at Friday's football game in Indian territory with a score of 42-14. Their victory comes after the Indians suffered a loss to Central Catholic last week. Friday's victory against Burbank brings Harlandale's status to 2 wins and 1 loss.

Burbank managed to get on the board minutes after halftime and made a valient effort to get out of the hole after trailing the Indians by a score of 29-0 at halftime. They were able to rally in the remaining quarters to score 14 points which were not enough to give then a much needed victory. Burbank stopped Harlandale from scoring in the fourth quarter.

The Bulldogs have yet to win a game this season and face Boerne High next Friday in Bulldog turf. Boerne has a record of two losses and one win.

Harlandale will go up against Highlands next Friday.

The Burbank High Bulldogs came headon with a very determined Antonian Prep High football team during their non-district Friday night game on the Apaches home turf.

The Antonian Apaches played to a full house and set the tempo for the rest of the game when they scored early in the game. What followed was much of the same that led to Burbank's first defeat.

The score of 33 to 0 told the story for the Bulldogs whom in the fourth quarter had four players on the sidelines being worked on for injuries by team trainers

Providence Provets overpowered Burbank Lady Bulldogs

Visiting Providence girl volleyball team turned out to be a real powerhouse with strong hits which overpowered their opponents on their own territory.

The turning point appeared to be when a Lady Bulldog seemed to hurt her ankle which handicapped the rest of the game. Burbank's #13 continued to hobble the rest of the game.

Burbank's next game will take place on August 23 when they play Harlandale at the Burbank gym. Providence coached by Stephanie Solano will take on McCollum High on August 23.

Lights go out during game Burbank vs. Houston Hurricanes

The Burbank Lady Bulldogs went up against Houston High Hurricanes, coached by Courtney-Davis Thompson in Schertz. At mid point both teams were tied at 24 to 24. Burbank showed great improvement and were able to move on the court much faster winning crucial points.

Lady Bulldogs will be playing Providence on August 17 at Burbank High, 7:30pm.

Burbank High Lady Bulldogs played 2nd volleyball game this season

Julia Castillo, Varsity Coach for the Burbank High School Lady Bulldogs, has her team well underway in getting prepared for this season.

Today, they competed against the Highland Owls on Burbank territory. Final score was not available at press time.  According to Maxpreps schedule, Burbank will play Highland again tomorrow and Clemens on August  15 at Clemens starting at 7pm.

Burbank High Bulldogs prepare in 101 degree heat

Today was the second day of light practice for this year's Varsity and Jr Varsity team at Burbank High. 
Coach Joe Castillo, feels  that his team is in good shape but made sure everyone was well hydrated with intermittent water breaks during todays drill.   At this point, no definite decisions have been made on positions but Senior Daniel Garza seems like a good candidate for quarterback.   The no-contact drills ended late in the afternoon as the team works to be ready for their first contest against Antonian High on September 2.

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